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Avenir Capital Proudly Supports one of their AFSL Authorised Representatives, SoHi Partners’ Ambitious Medtech Venture!

We are thrilled to announce that Avenir Capital's AFSL authorised representative, SoHi Partners, has been featured in the Australian Financial Review for their innovative approach to venture capital in the medical technology sector.

SoHi Partners, a $50 million venture capital fund based in the Southern Highlands, is spearheaded by orthopaedic surgeons Nick Hartnell and Ashish Diwan. With 40 patents between them, they bring unparalleled expertise to the table, aiming to outperform traditional investment bankers and fund managers in commercialising medical research. Within just two months of launching their first fund, SoHi has secured $12 million in commitments, primarily from other surgeons and doctors.

Joining Dr. Hartnell and Dr. Diwan in the launch of SoHi are Andrew Speers and John Bullwinkel. These partners bring a wealth of experience from their backgrounds in banking, as well as executive roles at Westfield and Lendlease, further strengthening the fund’s leadership team.

SoHi Partners focuses on investing in medical start-ups with the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes and generate substantial returns. They are particularly interested in companies with a global market potential of $1.5 billion and the capability to deliver a 20-fold capital return. Dr. Hartnell and Dr. Diwan's own start-ups, Ginan Biomedics and Cartago Biotech, are among the promising ventures likely to benefit from SoHi’s support.

Avenir Capital is incredibly proud to support the endeavours of high-quality groups like SoHi Partners. We believe in their mission to drive medical innovation and are excited to play a role in their journey to transform healthcare and improve lives globally.

We look forward to sharing more updates on the groundbreaking work of SoHi Partners and other exciting ventures supported by Avenir Capital!

*photo courtesy of The AFR.





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