About Avenir

Avenir Capital is a global equities investment manager and is majority owned by its staff. Avenir was founded in 2011 to apply a private equity mindset to invest in a concentrated selection of publicly listed companies with a focus on risk minimisation and long-term compounding of capital.

Avenir’s team focuses on building research-driven conviction in individual investment ideas to allow a truly long-term orientation and seek to identify opportunities others fail to see.

What is ‘avenir’

The word avenir is French for ‘future’. This represents our approach in selecting a number of high conviction ideas and adopting a long-term investment horizon to realise value.

Our Partner

Fidante Partners forms long term alliances with talented investment teams to support and grow specialist investment management businesses.  Their deep experience in asset management, extensive network of investor relationships and solid operational infrastructure enables investment managers to focus on what they do best: manage money.

Fidante Partners