Video: 2 stocks to balance your barbell

The following video was produced and published by Livewire on September 10, 2020.

2020 has seen volatile markets globally. However as we head in to 2021, investors are beginning to think of how to position their portfolios for the post-COVID recovery. Should you bank on the post-COVID beneficiaries like travel stocks, or hold a defensive line in your portfolio?

Avenir Capital’s Adrian Warner believes a barbell approach to investing offers protection and the ability to deliver attractive returns. On one end of the bar, he places his inexpensive growth stocks. Companies that have been bought at a discount due to short-term issues, but have enormous growth potential. On the other side are the companies that have used the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen their already strong position, and will therefore benefit from a recovery.

In this video, Adrian explains his approach to investing and gives two global stock ideas to balance out the barbell.

The following video is based on the original piece, 5 key investment models to identifying opportunities co-authored by Adrian Warner & Sam Morris.

In this piece, we cover all 5 private equity-style mispricing opportunities that we look for, including examples of stocks that fit these criterias. 

Written by Adrian Warner

Chief Investment Officer

Adrian Warner is the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Avenir Capital and is responsible for the portfolio management of the Avenir Global Fund. Prior to founding Avenir Capital, Adrian worked in private equity investment in Australia, Asia and the United States with an investment record spanning over 20 years.