Avenir Capital: Selected as a Fund Manager for Future Generation Global Investment Company


Avenir Capital: Selected to join Australia’s most prominent Global Fund Managers in the Future Generation Global Investment Company (FGG), Australia’s first internationally focused listed investment company (LIC) with the dual objectives of providing shareholders with diversified exposure to selected global fund managers and changing the lives of young Australian affected by mental illness.

Adrian Warner, chief investment officer at Avenir Capital commented, “we are excited to be a part of this innovative charity that could benefit Australians for generations by helping ensure that mental health issues are addressed in our youth.”

He continues, “we are happy to join other fund managers in contributing to this worthwhile cause by providing our investment services on a pro-bono basis. We will follow the same investment strategy of research-driven, value-oriented and special-situation global investments that has delivered a 20% gross annual return since the inception of Avenir Capital.”

 FGG intends to donate 1 per cent of net tangible assets per annum to Australian non-profits making FGG the biggest donor to mental health in Australia, after the government. FGG seeks to provide shareholders with global exposure to maximize total return with a combination of capital growth and income. Each FGG shareholder can choose to direct their pro rata 1 per cent of net tangible assets to a charity from a list of 19 that have been pre-approved by the board.


Media Contact: enquiries@avenircapital.com.au

Further Information: http://www.futuregeninvest.com.au/Global/

Full Press Release Available Here